Rural Tourism, a different way to take a vacation time.

The traditional ranch house has very comfortable and spacious rooms organised with a big cosy kitchen, a spacious dining room, bedrooms with mainly private bathrooms, living rooms, library or reading rooms, playing rooms, swimming pools, etc.
In winter, though the rooms are heated, it is a tradition to light up a fireplace and enjoy reading a good book or just look out of the windows the magnificent pampean dawns and sunsets.
The ranches are extensions of field between 1.000 and 20.000 has. of area for cattle-breeding that are located nearly towns where generally supplies purchases are made.


Nevertheless, each ranch is particularly different from the rest because of its surroundings and landscapes, the different characteristics of the field production as well as the complementary activities that each of them offers.
To the tourists, the rural space becomes an entertaining and resting place that satisfy them completely, and that is why they come again or just recommend the place to their friends. Grown ups have pleasure in free life, breathing fresh air, leaving together with nature, listening to the silence or just waking up with the birds singing. For their children this space represents and ideal place to run and play freely.

Horseback riding, learning to ride, trekking in the forest watching birds, discovering the fauna, having picnics, going in excursions to other tourist places or just staying in the ranch enjoying the rural chores, are the main attractions of this special region. Each ranch has its own personality which is closely related to the environment where it is placed. Excursions, historical visits, tradition, equestrian sports, hunting, flora and fauna watching, natural and typical gastronomy are options for the visitors who wish to enjoy with the family and friends the taste of the genuine traditional typical life in the country.

The practice of big and small game hunting is regulated by rules that tend to preserve the wild fauna allowing the activity only with certain animals and in specific times of the year. Hunting red stages, wild boars, pumas represents a particular attraction for stranger tourists. The Natural Resources Direction publishes the calendar where time for hunting, animals allowed, vacancy and closed season are detailed.

The most significant fact for the tourist is friendship and cordiality offered by the house owners. They are simple, passionate and enthusiastic hardworking persons who take pleasure in showing what they do, sharing at the same time their experiences with the guests, the history of the town traditions, craftsmanship, and the ways of living and customs of the villagers.
For having a holiday in a Pampean ranch it is necessary to previously make a reservation. The commercialization is directly made with the owners of the ranches.
You can get to the capital city, Santa Rosa, from Buenos Aires through regular flights or by special executive coach services with daily departures from Retiro Bus Station. The trip lasts 8 hours, departing at night and arriving early in the morning. Transfers from the airport to Santa Rosa bus station and to the ranches is paid by the owners who posses private means of transport.


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