The "Estancias"



110 Km. from airport - 29 pax

A Puro Campo
The farmer and cattle establishment is enclaved in the middle of the Argentinean Valley. Delicate undulations, little woods of calden, chain of stationary dunes.
Football, bowls and bicycle riding are some of sport activities.
Excursions, sighting birds and room games. All services are offered and the tourist is received into a tradition and repose background. Different sport activities are available. There is a Putting Green of three holes. Rooms for disability people. Satellital TV. Pets are allowed.

Tel/Fax: +54 (2952) 43-2426



200 Km. from airport - 5 pax

La Julia
The agrarian-cattle establishment is situated in a zone of woods, lagoons and saltpetrous.
His story go back till 1896 and it have a big aged grove at five hetaeras of park.
Naturalistic retirements, sighting of birds and fauna, visits to Mennonite colony, thermal baths of Guatraché and milk factory. We have a game room and telephone. Traditional cooking and special diets, besides to enjoy a day in the country.
Particular excursions to the big saltpetrous. Satellital TV

Tel: +54 (2925) 49-9481
Cel: +54 (9) (2923) 65 6488



125 Km. from airport - 9 pax

La Marianita
Dedicated to agrarian-cattle production, this estancia offered a natural environment with wood of calden, dunes and prairies. You will find a typical pampean country house.
Personal attention, family meals shared with the owners of the house and hospitality will make the visitant feels like a friend. A favorable environment with our traditions.
There is programs of educative tourism, handicraft workshops and artisonary sales. This place have all the comfort services and a big quincho (a typical kind of construction) prepared for 60 persons.
An excursion that cannot be lost, to chance meeting with our own story.

Tel: +54 (2338) 49 6012



5 Km. from airport - 24 pax

Historic building and ecological reserve recognized by the National Secretary of Tourism and the Senate. The principal chalet have a park of 30 hetaeras and suite rooms. From a country family, this place offered a rural life concept associated to peace, traditions and typical meals, done with their own farm products.
The estancia was a mapuche settlement and still conserve the Huitru Fortlet, military reserve of 1879, that it was declared as National Touristic interest.
There is sighting birds, stables, rural museum, art gallery and educative programs with official recognition.

Tel: +54 (2954) 43-8764 / 43-0295
Fax: +54 (2954) 43-8764


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